All Buddhist Temple of Toledo Services, Ceremonies, Meetings, and other activities are virtual-only through May 31, 2020 to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The Temple building is closed.

Gatherings that can be adapted to virtual-only will be held online including:

  • Temple Ceremonies and Services will be live streamed on our Facebook Page
  • Ango Workshops will be held virtually

Gatherings that cannot be shifted online are cancelled, including:

  • Meditation and Recovery Group - Monday evening book club and meeting are cancelled.
  • Dharma School - Sunday Dharma school for kids is cancelled.
  • Sesshin - April and May sesshin are cancelled. Our Teachers will offer alternative practices to fill the space left in our Ango practice, but these will not be "virtual sesshin". Details forthcoming.

Learn more about the Temple's COVID-19 Response in this video from our Response Team and follow our Facebook Page for updates.


In order to foster members’ personal and religious growth and in order to encourage lasting friendships, mutual support, and working together toward common goals, the Great Heartland Sangha Buddhist Temple of Toledo Leadership Council sponsors “Affinity/Support Groups”. An Affinity/Support Group is a member-lead group organized around a shared interest or activity. Affinity/Support Groups are open to any temple member who finds an affinity with the group.

Want to form or renew a group? Apply here.

If you are interested in any of these groups and not sure how to contact the organizer, please email to make a connection!

Current Affinity and Support Groups
last updated 1/4/2019


Health and Longevity Group
Offers a supportive group experience, grounded in the dharma and guidance of our Teachers, for sangha members interested in improving their wellness and longevity, and actualizing the great way.
Organizers: Anken, Kigetsu, Tenkyō

Relationship Transition Support Group
Provide a platform for mutual support of sangha members going through a significant relationship transition (like divorce, etc). These foundational questions will drive the focal point of meetings:

  • How do the teachings of Buddhism/zen inform the topic?
  • What are people’s practical experience with bringing their practice to the situation? Or, in hindsight, how they wished they had.

Intention will be to avoid discussing legal topics, causes, or placing blame. Intention is on moving forward from today.
Organizers: E'ka, Zenkan, Zenzan

Compassionate Community Service
The Compassionate Community Service group organizes the sangha to take compassionate action to promote the health and well-being of people, animals, and the environment in activity such as volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, Food for Thought/soup kitchen/food bank, volunteering at animal shelters, clean up at a park.
Organizers: MitsuAn, Muhō

Great Heartland Sangha Gaming
We are an all inclusive gaming group for board games, silly games, role-playing games and more! We meet regularly on the last Friday of every month. Bring a game, bring a dish, chip in for pizza, BYOB.
Organizers: Shogen, Kaishin, Setsho

Meditation & Recovery Group
This weekly Monday meeting is open to people with any addiction, seeking recovery or in support on anyone seeking recovery. Honoring the traditions of anonymity in other recovery programs and to protect the privacy of our members, we use only our first names at this meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to strengthen our meditation practice by communal effort and thereby strengthen our recovery program. Our meeting includes time for prayer or intention setting, meditation and discussion. Our discussion period offers us a chance to share openly about our experiences with meditation and recovery. For those new to meditation, beginning instruction will be offered. 

A weekly book club meets just prior to the Monday night meeting to read and discuss a book related to meditation and recovery. 
See the Meditation & Recovery Group page for more information.

Multifaith Affinity Group
Support the multifaith efforts of the Temple and make connections with other communities of faith.
Organizers: Bujo, Shokai, Nyojo