Want to be a Bodhisattva? Here’s How (Part 2)

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6624 Jeffers Rd, Swanton, Ohio

LOCATION CHANGE: This workshop will now be held at Black Oak Farm

“The naked truth of spiritual transformation is that if we don’t change our lives ourselves, nothing will change them for us.” - from our Ango text "Buddha Is as Buddha Does: The Ten Original Practices for Enlightened Living by Lama Surya Das"

At this two-part interactive workshop (Sep. 21 and Nov. 9), Zen Teachers Rinsen and Do’on will share the complete code of behavior for a Bodhisattva -- you will learn how to apply ten perfect practices for transforming your life:

Generosity, Moral Discipline, Patience, Joyful Effort, Concentration, Wisdom, Skillful Means, Unshakeable Vow, Spiritual Powers, Awakened Awareness.

Both workshops are free and good for beginners new to Buddhism, non-Buddhists, as well as experienced practitioners. You are welcome to attend both workshops or just one.

There is no registration for these events.

This event does not qualify as a Buddhist Temple of Toledo Shoken Student Training Day.