Nehan - The Ceremony of the Buddha's Passing

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Buddhist Temple of Toledo , 6537 Angola Road, Holland, Ohio

All are welcome to join this interactive ceremony expressing our gratitude for the historical Buddha on the anniversary of the day when the he passed away from this world and entered nirvana.

Free and open to the public. Children welcome. Beginners new to Zen Buddhism welcome, and invited to arrive at 10:15 for beginning instruction in meditation before the ceremony.

10:15am - Beginning instruction in Zen meditation 11am - Ceremony 12:30pm - Fellowship

The Nehan Service is held with a hanging scroll depicting the Buddha’s passing away into nirvana surrounded with many disciples, and even animals, weeping over his death.

About 2500 years ago at Kushinagara in India, just before passing, the Buddha gave his last teaching, the Yuikyogyo, expounding the fundamental truth – even though the physical body dies, the Dharma is eternal; in order to see the Buddha, it is necessary to see the Dharma. In this way, he taught his disciples the precepts and the way they should maintain the practice of Buddha’s Way.