"If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation,
we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation."

                                                           - Dalai Lama
Dharma School for Kids & Teens!

The Buddhist Temple of Toledo offers family friendly services every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m., which include special time just for kids and teens. Your child will learn about basic Buddhist practices and principles like mindfulness and compassion. Both regular attendees and occasional visitors are welcome. Dharma School programs offer a place for children to engage in Buddhist studies and to be cared for while parents are attending the adult portion of the service. The Dharma School is not a drop-off program.

What Your Child will be doing at the Dharma School

Each lesson will include mindfulness activities, a short period of zazen for teens (seated meditation), a teaching story, and discussion or activity relevant to the teaching. All activities are interwoven with mindful movement exercises. Each week will be approached as a stand-alone class, so your child need not attend each week, though regular attendance is encouraged. In addition, the liturgy portion of the service will be shared by both children and adults with time given after the dharma school to reconnect with adult members of the community and share what they learned that day.

Rites of Passage

All Dharma School children will be given a white beaded wrist mala to wear during classes and anytime they wish. We will keep track of attendance for children and, after every 8 classes, they will receive a new colored mala to mark the occasion. Coming of Age and Junior Buddhist Precepts ceremonies and classes are available for older kids.

In the future, we would like to be able to accommodate even the smallest of little Buddhas, but the reality of our current location makes it impossible for us to accept toddlers, babies or children who are unable to participate in a small group for 45 minutes.
Teen Jukai initiate. Summer 2013

Teen Jukai initiate. Summer 2013

Our first teen Jukai class! Summer 2013

Our first teen Jukai class! Summer 2013

Feeding the Hungry Ghost...

Feeding the Hungry Ghost...

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The Zen Buddhist Temple of Toledo is a not-for-profit organization fostering the teachings of Zen Buddhism as adapted to Western cultural forms and traditions by providing training in the disciplines, practices, and devotions of Zen Buddhism and by providing suitable surroundings, instruction, and support for the teaching and practice of Zen Buddhism.