Appeal Update - Back to City Council Chambers (7/11/19) When the new Temple's site plan was approved, we knew there was a possibility that it would be appealed. An appeal has indeed been made. Fortunately, that appeal doesn't pertain to our right to build or the layout of our site. Rather, the appeal concerns legal use types, including "religious use" and "accessory use."

“Religious assembly” and “accessory uses” to religious assembly are permitted by right on the new property. The appeal attempts to limit the Buddhist Temple solely to “religious assembly.” Churches and other houses of worship throughout Toledo have not been constrained in this way and regularly engage in both types of use to serve and bring together their communities (i.e. prayer services, knitting groups, workshops, recovery meetings, retreats, social dances, baking groups) Both types of use should also be permitted at the new Temple building. The discussion at the July 17th meeting will focus on legal definitions of use types and the rights of religious organizations.

Temple members and friends are encouraged to attend the July 17 Planning and Zoning Committee Meeting of City Council, beginning at 4pm in City Council Chambers of One Government Center. RSVP here.

If you’ve got a Temple t-shirt, please wear it! If you don’t, there will be stickers available at the meeting with the Temple’s enso and oakleaf symbol. At the June City Plan Commission Meeting, many sangha members and other supporters from the wider Toledo community commented on the power of seeing Temple members and friends sit in quiet solidarity. Our compassionate physical presence made a difference in people’s minds.

The Temple is the last item on the agenda on July 17. The meeting begins at 4pm, and if possible, sangha supporters are encouraged to arrive on time. If you need to arrive late, any time before 5pm is alright. At 5pm, public entrance to One Government Center will become limited. It’s possible that our site appeal won’t be discussed until 6pm or 7pm.

If you're not able to attend, please consider visiting the Temple for Wednesday night service at 7:15pm to use your practice to support the efforts underway at the meeting.

For questions about attending the Planning and Zoning Committee Meeting, contact Olivia Kodo Simkins Bullock at

Buddhist Temple of Toledo
6537 Angola Road,
Holland, Ohio 43528

(567) 297-0108

Our Director of Operations would be happy to assist.

The Zen Buddhist Temple of Toledo is a not-for-profit organization fostering the teachings of Zen Buddhism as adapted to Western cultural forms and traditions by providing training in the disciplines, practices, and devotions of Zen Buddhism and by providing suitable surroundings, instruction, and support for the teaching and practice of Zen Buddhism.