Share your support for building a new Temple with Toledo City Council

The Zen Buddhist Temple of Toledo (BTT) has an exciting possibility--the opportunity to move to a central Toledo location and build a new Temple. The land and building funds have been generously donated; the only hurdle now rests with approval from the Toledo Zoning and Planning Commission. See the architect's rendering above and⁣ read more about the new Temple building and listen to a radio interview from May 21 where Fred LeFebvre & The Morning News discuss the building project with Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik.

If you are a member or friend of BTT and would like to share your support, please feel free to use the email below to communicate with Toledo City Council members, changing or deleting anything you feel does not pertain to you, or you may copy it in its entirety if the text resonates with you. 

Please consider sending your email to all 12 members of Toledo City Council. When emailing your local council person, let them know that you live in their district. 

If you are willing, please blind copy (bcc) the temple at so we have a sense of how many messages of support Council Members are receiving.

Thank you for taking the time to support Zen Buddhist Temple of Toledo. _/\_


Sample Letter

Dear Toledo City Council Member (specific names ideal),


I, [insert your name], am a [Toledo/Sylvania/Holland/etc.] resident and a [member/friend] of the Zen Buddhist Temple of Toledo, which has applied to build a Temple on Emmajean Road. Religious Assembly is a permitted use on the property. Should this issue come to a vote before the City Council Zoning and Planning Commission, I urge you to vote to ALLOW the Temple to build on the property.


[Insert personal story (2-3 sentences) about Temple’s importance to you.]

Example story from a Toledo resident

I am a teacher working in Toledo. When I first started teaching, I became burned out doing the best I could for my students and it affected my mood and how I related to my students and my family. After I became a member of the Temple and started participating in Temple activities regularly, I learned how to stay energized, gentle, kind, and open with my students and family even under tough circumstances. 

Example story from a NWO area resident

The Temple is a large part of the reason I have chosen to remain in NWO and will continue to do so in the future. My family decided to settle permanently in the Toledo metro area because of the compassionate spiritual community we found at the Temple. We are looking to buy a home now in the area and though we are not certain which city we will settle in, we are committed to staying in the Toledo metro area.

Example story from a distance supporter

I live in [Michigan/California/Massachusetts/etc] and travel to Toledo regularly to participate in Temple activities. While doing so, I often patronize Toledo restaurants and other stores. The meditation practice I learned at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo has helped me become a kinder and more loving Dad to my toddler and developmentally disabled five year old.


Zen Buddhist Temple of Toledo (BTT) is committed to participating in Emmajean/Estateway neighborhood community service projects and social life, and as a small community of about 100 members, with peak attendance of 30-50 people, the increase in traffic to the area will be minimal.


BTT is invested in cleaning up and preserving the large woods on the property and caring for it through environmental stewardship. In Zen Buddhism, outdoor work practice, including gardening and groundskeeping, is an integral part of religious "work practice.”


Zen Buddhist Temple of Toledo would like to make a permanent home in Toledo, with long-term connections within the Toledo community, and this generous donation of land and funds to build are the only foreseeable chance at moving to a central location and building a functional Temple.


The current facility of the Zen Buddhist Temple of Toledo (BTT) is a rented, converted warehouse that is not ADA compliant and lacks central heat/air. The space is located in an industrial condominium that was not designed as a place of worship, so there is not space to provide Sunday school services for children and teens, there are only two bathrooms for the entire congregation, and there is no office space for administrative volunteers, among many other practical issues. At this point, moving is a necessity.


Again, I urge you to accept the proposal to allow the Zen Buddhist Temple of Toledo to build and reside at 3906 Emmajean Road. We know you are committed to the best interests of your constituents, and we are confident welcoming the Zen Buddhist Temple of Toledo to the Emmajean/Estateway community is beneficial for all involved.


[Insert name and address here]


Email your city council member according to your district 

If you are willing, please blind copy (bcc) the temple at so we have a sense of how many messages of support Council Members are receiving.



Buddhist Temple of Toledo
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Our Director of Operations would be happy to assist.

The Zen Buddhist Temple of Toledo is a not-for-profit organization fostering the teachings of Zen Buddhism as adapted to Western cultural forms and traditions by providing training in the disciplines, practices, and devotions of Zen Buddhism and by providing suitable surroundings, instruction, and support for the teaching and practice of Zen Buddhism.