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12/17/2019: Winter Solstice New Building Update

Many members and friends of the Buddhist Temple of Toledo are curious about the progress of our new building. I'm happy to shed a little light during this dark solstice time and write to you with an update. 


10/29/2019: 2019 Sangha Survey Results

Dear Sangha, 

Every year Buddhist Temple of Toledo members have the opportunity to give anonymous input on how life and practice are going at the Temple by responding to the Annual Sangha Survey.

Your Guiding Teachers, Board of…

10/3/2019: Interview - Meet White Tara, Your Temple Deity

"When we meet White Tara,  we’re meeting the archetypal image of a buddha
and she’s putting her hand in ours and saying  'This is the archetypal world of the Buddhas
and this is how it functions in your life and …

10/1/2019: Interview - Do’on Osho Whispers Dharma In Your Ear

"You can read a thousand-million books on Buddhism,
and until you come into community with sangha and teachers,
until you receive real-life energetic transmissions -- it’s not the same."

Rev. Karen Do'on Weik Osho

On Sunday, September…


9/12/2019: Annual Sangha Survey

Dear Sangha,

It’s time for the 2019 Sangha survey and your input is vital! 

Take Survey Now! 

We need you to take a few minutes to share your thoughts and ideas about what works, what needs improvement…

9/10/2019: Interview with Shokai, Fall Ango 2019 Shuso

Just before Fall Ango began, novice Zuisei sat down for a chat to learn about Chief Disciple Shokai’s perspective on the Fall Ango topic The Bodhisattva's Perfections: 10 Practices to Transform Your Life and to find out what upcoming autumn…