6/14/2019: APPROVED! What's next? Plus 13abc Coverage

Yesterday on June 13, 2019, the Toledo City Plan Commission unanimously voted to approve our current plan to build a new Temple at 3900 Emmajean Road. 

Buddhist Temple of Toledo supporters gathered for a photo after the City Plan Commission meeting.
These folks had been sitting in the Council Chambers for the past five hours! Fortunately we've had some practice sitting...

Going into the meeting, our site plan had already been recommended for approval by the Plan Commission staff. The Commission Chairman commented that our plan was the most thorough, detailed proposal that they'd ever seen for a building of our size! 

During the meeting, the Temple was represented by our lawyer Dick Wolff and Board President Winifred Shokai Martin. A half-dozen sangha members also spoke briefly in support of the Temple. After that, the Plan Commission heard neighbors speak in opposition to the new building. Neighbors cited concerns about increased traffic and changing neighborhood character. After a response from our lawyer and a few questions by the Plan Commission, the Commission moved to approve our construction plan, and all members voted in favor. 

Thank you to all the Buddhist Temple of Toledo members and friends for holding this project in your intentions. Deep bows of gratitude to all those who attended the Plan Commission meeting, and to those who tuned into our livestream. Many other noteworthy items were on the June 13 agenda. Discussion of the new Temple began only after four hours of meeting, and discussion of the Temple lasted nearly an hour.

Some neighbors on Emmajean and Estateway have continued to express their opposition to the new Temple. Because of this, we expect that they will chose to appeal our approval, and bring the issue up for discussion by the Toledo City Council. If this is the case, there will be a hearing before the Toledo City Council on the afternoon of July 17. It is imperative that we show the commitment and compassion of our community by appearing in-person at this meeting. Please pencil this date into your calendars as the next event on the horizon in the new building process. We will update this page as soon as possible if this appeal is confirmed. 

This is an exciting time for our community, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us. This moment calls for compassionate advocacy in the midst of some strong, heart-felt opposition. This is a perfect opportunity to double-down on our practice of open-heartedness, of recognizing suffering, and of manifesting kindness in the form of civility to people with whom we disagree.

The story of our site plan approval received some nice coverage by 13abc. Check it out!

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