6/2/2019: How to Attend the City Plan Commission Meeting

On Thursday June 13, 2PM at One Government Center, the Toledo City Plan Commission will vote on our new Temple site. Buddhist Temple of Toledo members and friends are encouraged to attend this planning meeting to show our dedication to creating compassionate community at our new Temple location.

Click here to sign up to attend the City Plan Commission meeting to support the Buddhist Temple of Toledo's new building.

1. Plan Commission meeting day: before the meeting 

  • How and when should we arrive? On Thursday June 13, plan to arrive at One Government Center, Toledo, OH 43604 by 1:45 pm. Late arrivals are okay - you'll still be allowed to enter the meeting. Sangha members and friends who wish to carpool should arrive at the Temple location on Angola by 1:15. Carpooling cars should depart towards downtown at 1:20 to arrive in time.
  • Where should we park? There is a parking garage behind the Government Center. Go past the Government Center and turn right onto Beech Street. If the parking garage is full, continue past the entrance to the stop sign. Turn right onto Huron Street. There is a pay parking lot one block on the left. Additionally, paid street parking is available nearby the Government Center. Check the Toledo ParkSmart app or website to see open spaces.

2. Plan Commission meeting day: at the meeting 

  • When is the Temple on the meeting agenda? 
    The Temple is the twelfth item on the June 13th meeting agenda. 
  • So how long will we be there before the Temple comes up? 
    Earlier agenda items are expected to be simple, procedural, and to progress quickly, but we cannot be certain how long the meeting will run before the Temple comes up. It could take thirty minutes, or it could be an hour. The Temple will get voted on, but there is no set ending time for the meeting, meaning that it could be awhile. 
  • Do we have to stay for the entire meeting? 
    Nope! Once the Temple's site review is concluded, Sangha supporters are free to leave. There's no expectation that all attendees will stay until the meeting's end. 
  • What should we do at the meeting?
    Practice open-hearted listening. We encourage all supporters to be silent, calm, and gently compassionate at this meeting. Show your support through visual representation: free stickers we'll print and have available at the meeting, or a pre-purchased Buddhist Temple of Toledo t-shirt. During the Temple's portion of the agenda, a few people will speak briefly: the lawyer representing the Temple, Dick Wolf, Rev. Rinsen Sensei, Board President, Winifred Shokai Martin, and a few other Sangha members who have been asked in advance to prepare brief speeches. Only supporters who have been asked to speak in advance should sign up.

Thank you you to Zen Buddhist Temple of Toledo members and friends for your heartfelt practice and positive intentions for peaceful communication. We're looking forward to seeing you at the City Plan Commission meeting!

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