7/25/2019: City Council Approval Delay - Plus WTOL Coverage

Temple supporters after the Planning and Zoning Committee meeting on July 17, 2019.

This July, the new Temple's site plan has come before City Council twice. The first meeting was the Planning and Zoning Committee of City Council, last week on July 17. The second was the full City Council meeting this past Tuesday, July 23. The results of the July 23 City Council Meeting were covered by WTOL. Check out their video on Facebook.

Planning and Zoning Committee Meeting. 
Because our site plan was appealed by our future neighbors, it was discussed at the Planning and Zoning Committee of City Council on July 17. That meeting was an opportunity for the Council Committee to hear from neighbors concerned about increased road use. The neighbor's appeal discussed the possibility of limiting some functions of the Temple's current use in order to reduce traffic. The Council Committee also heard from Sangha members who affirmed the positive difference the Temple had made in their lives, and in Toledo has a whole. 

The lawyer representing the Temple, Dick Wolff, argued that religious organizations like ours have a legal right to "religious use " as well as "accessory use," which could include things like recovery meetings and social events. The memo is available here on Google Drive, as well as a public document on record with the City of Toledo. Ultimately, at the July 17 meeting, the Committee referred the decision to the full City Council without a recommendation.

City Council Meeting. 
On July 23, the City Council was set to vote on the neighborhood association’s appeal. However, one Councilman requested a first read on this piece of legislation. This mean that he requested to delay a final vote until a future Council meeting in two weeks' time. Council members then voted on whether they'd move forward with approval or chose to delay. Eight Council members voted "yes" to move forward, and four voted "no" who wanted to wait two weeks. Nine members were required to vote yes in order to move forward. Because of this vote to delay, the new Temple site plan will be on the July 30th agenda-setting meeting and up for a vote again on August 6.

Thank you to all those who've expressed their support through the meeting livestreams, and to those who've been attending Sunday and Wednesday services in solidarity. Your sincerity and commitment to this process is deeply felt. Our teachers encourage all of us to take up the practices of patience and joyful effort during this two-week waiting period. Let's dedicate our efforts to all those yearning for a new home.

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