5/23/2019: Keep the Letters Coming

So far, more than 50 people have emailed Toledo City Council to share their support for the new Temple and copied us or let us know. 

In keeping track of your efforts, I have had the privilege to read many beautiful personal stories of how our Teachers, the Dharma, and our Sangha have eased suffering and brought joy to so many of our lives. I want to share some of the feel of these stories while respecting everyone's privacy, and so I made this word cloud out of our words:

The most important thing we can do right now to move the building forward is to keep the letters flowing to Toledo City Council. 

Have you written yours yet? 

Would anyone in your life who has benefitted from your practice appreciate the opportunity to help make a permanent home in Toledo for others seeking the practices and community that helped you?

Send them to our SUPPORT page to learn more about the building and for resources to send their letters.

-- Jenna Zuisei Hirschman, Buddhist Temple of Toledo Director of Operations

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