5/21/2019: Rev. Rinsen interview with Fred LeFebvre & The Morning News

Most of us naturally prefer to avoid those "difficult conversations" in our lives, even when having them is necessary for our own well-being, or for our loved ones. Sometimes we let the problems go much longer than we should, and sometimes we get very angry at the other side. 

Buddhist Temple of Toledo Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik teaches that we can make a choice to take a different approach to conflict. In this interview with Fred LeFebvre & The Morning News to discuss the Buddhist Temple of Toledo's new temple building project and some of its critics, Rev. Rinsen approaches adversity as an opportunity to engage in compassionate listening and compassionate advocacy. 

Rev. Rinsen says we don't need to be a doormat to be loving and kind -- in fact, the world needs us to be assertive and compassionate when we face conflict. This is how we can bring to life the Buddhist precepts to reduce harm and actualize good for everyone in the world. 

If you are a member or friend of BTT and would like to share your support for building the new temple, please visit our SUPPORT page to contact all twelve members of Toledo City Council: https://buddhisttempleoftoledo.org/support 


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