Governance at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo

Last updated: 1/2/2020

The Buddhist Temple of Toledo is 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our Board of Directors has fiduciary responsibility for the Temple. You can contact the Board at

The Buddhist Temple of Toledo is a Soto Zen Temple with the Rinzai koan instropsection tradition in the lineage of James Myoun Ford Roshi. The Abbot, who leads the Guiding Teachers Council, has ultimate responsibility for Dharma teaching and Zen training, devotions, and ritual at the Temple.

The Abbot and the Board establish standing Councils, Committees, volunteer roles, and staff positions to carry out day-to-day work at the Temple.

Board of Directors

Rob Kaishin Bondy (Secretary)
Focus areas: first point of contact for general questions from the Sangha and the public, podcast, event scheduling

Michael Hoshi Leizerman (Treasurer and General Counsel)
Focus areas: budget and finance, legal issues, the new building

Winifred Shokai Martin (President)
Focus areas: policy, event management, communicating the Board’s direction and activity with the Sangha

Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik Roshi
Focus areas: Abbot, Guiding Teacher, education, membership, marketing, communications, information technology

Rev. Karen Do’on Weik Osho
Focus areas: Guiding Teacher, Tenzo, Zen sewing practice, creating physical spaces that nourish authentic Dharma practice and Zen training

Other Administrative Officers

Jenna Zuisei Hirschman (Director of Membership and Communications)
Focus areas: membership, fundraising, marketing, communications, website, information technology, Jukai program


Guiding Teachers Council

Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik Roshi (Abbot)

Rev. Karen Do’on Weik Osho

Dharma School

Volunteer teachers lead age-appropriate lessons about the concepts and practices of the Buddhist tradition during Sunday services

Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik Roshi (Guiding Teacher and Board Contact)
Jenn Kyoan McCullough (Head Teacher)
Cheryl Kinko Baughman


Ethics and Reconciliation Council (EAR) Members

See Ethical Guidelines for more information about this council.

Winifred Shokai Martin (Board Contact)

Shinyu (Wesley Bullock) (Chair)
Chikan (Scott Bieniek)
Chuso (Mike Zickar)
E'ka (Brithany Pawlowski)
Gokyo (Tonie Long)


Jukai Coordinators

Administer the annual Jukai program

Jenna Zuisei Hirschman (Director)
Tonie Gokyō Long
TBD (Assistant)


Membership & Dana

Annual membership drive and other fundraising, visitor experience, member experience

Jenna Zuisei Hirschman (Director)
Michelle Jūkai Clossick
Tonie Gokyō Long
Cassandra Tenkyō Manghum
Rosaria Kigetsu Tirone

Grounds & Buildings

Create and maintain suitable physical spaces for Dharma practice

Rev. Karen Do’on Weik Osho (Board Connection)
Channing Shogen Cecil (Chair)
James Shugen Case (Chair)


Guardian Council

Elected representatives of the Shoken student body who administer the Shoken program and sesshin

Winifred Shokai Martin (Board Contact)
Rev. Karen Do’on Weik Osho (Guiding Teacher)
Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik Roshi (Guiding Teacher)

Elected Members
Cheryl Kinko Baughman
Olivia Kodō Simkins Bullock
Rob Kosho Peven
Charles Yugen Stuart 
Victor Gosen Van Deilen


Podcast Committee

Editing and publishing the Buddhist Temple of Toledo podcast

Rob Kaishin Bondy (Chair, Board Connection)

Sangha Engagement

Nourishing Sangha members person connects to one another through Sangha Circles, Affinity and Support Groups, Distance Member programs, Sangha Parties, and Sangha Care efforts for sick and injured sangha members 

Winifred Shokai Martin (Board Connection)
Melanie Bujo Case (Chair)
Amy Zuiho Hartman (Chair)


Apprenticeship program for students on the ordination track. Under the direction of Guiding Teachers, Seminary students coordinate weekly services and special ceremonies at the Temple.

Rob Kaishin Bondy (Board Contact)
Rev. Karen Do’on Weik Osho (Guiding Teacher)
Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik Roshi (Guiding Teacher)

Seminary Students
Rob Kaishin Bondy
Anthony Setsho Fontana
Jenna Zuisei Hirschman
Winifred Shokai Martin
Charles Yugen Stuart

Sewing Master

Nyoho-e tradition oversight for all Zen sewing projects in the Sangha including rakusu, okesa, and other garments

Rev. Karen Do’on Weik Osho (Guiding Teacher)
Rob Kaishin Bondy (Master)
Charles Yugen Stuart (Master)