Become a 2018 Temple Member

It’s easy to become a member of the Great Heartland (Daishin Koku-Ji) Sangha at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo. Everyone is welcome!

To become a member, we invite you to:

  1. agree to the Sangha Covenant
  2. pledge to make an annual financial contribution to the Buddhist Temple of Toledo*

To determine what amount to pledge, consider an amount that:

  • is realistic for your expected financial circumstances
  • aligns with the value the sangha/your practice provide you
  • provides for the steady growth of the sangha to spread the dharma deep, far and wide

To fund your pledge you may write a check (payable to the Buddhist Temple of Toledo) and leave it in the offering basket at the Temple, mail it (Great Heartland Buddhist Temple of Toledo; 6537 Angola Road; Holland, Ohio 43528) or use PayPal. You may fund your pledge for this year on any schedule that fits for your household – annually, monthly or anything in between.

Online Membership Form

* Each year in the Canvass Campaign, we ask members to give careful thought to the tradition this Sangha represents, the role it plays in our lives and the opportunities we enjoy for spiritual growth. In the spirit of Dana Paramita (the Bodhisattva's practice of generosity), we are all asked to make a responsible annual pledge to keep our Temple thriving and growing. Pledges from members accounts for 100% of our operating budget (see full 2017 Operating Budget). At the same time, if your current samsaric wealth would keep you from making a financial contribution, there are other paths to membership. Please contact to make alternative arrangements.